DUI and Insurance Rates

If you’ve been arrested for DUI / DWI, you`re probably wondering how your legal troubles will affect your car insurance rates. Unfortunately, a drunk driving conviction can cause your auto insurance carrier to sharply increase your rates or even cancel your policy altogether. Fortunately, DUIAutoInsurance.com is in the business of helping you find affordable car insurance even after multiple drunk driving convictions. Simply contact us for a free, no-obligation quote to start the process of getting back on the road after a DUI / DWI arrest.

Insurance companies calculate their rates using risk factors – the higher the risk of a claim, the more they charge. With car insurance, your driving record has an enormous impact on your auto insurance premiums. The number of tickets, accidents, and unfortunately, DUI / DWI arrests you have had will all be considered when your car insurance company is calculating how much to charge for your policy.

Many drivers arrested for DUI / DWI wonder if they`re obligated to report a drunk driving arrest to their insurance company immediately. You`re under no obligation to do so unless you are convicted in court or have your driver`s license suspended in a motor-vehicle department administrative action.

A DUI / DWI conviction can impact more than your car insurance rates the company that provides your homeowners` insurance can also increase your premiums after learning about a drunk driving conviction. Because of this, it`s imperative to consult with an experienced insurance professional who is knowledgeable about DUI / DWI convictions after any drunk driving arrest.

You will likely be required to file an SR-22, or formal certificate of insurance, after a DUI / DWI conviction or administrative license suspension. Unfortunately, because SR22 forms are required only after a drunk driving arrest, submitting one to your insurance company is like announcing your DUI / DWI arrest over a loudspeaker. However, a company like DUIAutoInsurance.com that specializes in helping those with driving under the influence arrests to find affordable insurance understands exactly what you`re going through.

Unfortunately, a DUI / DWI conviction will continue to impact your car insurance rates for as long as 10 years. Other items on your driving record, such as speeding tickets, will have a shorter “washout” period, but a DUI / DWI conviction will remain and affect your premiums. Fortunately, DUIAutoInsurance.com will continue to help you meet your car insurance needs by connecting you with an insurance agent who provides friendly, affordable service. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote and get back on the road today.